Iota Software

Realizing the world

Public and Private Sensor Networks

LoRaWAN Deployment and Configuration

LoRaWAN networks are easy to set up, require no licensing, and are cheaper than cellular technologies. This is a great way to get started in IoT with a small investment to test out your pilot projects and ideas.

Sensor Management

Maintain, Collect, and Process Your Sensor Data

Let us setup the sensors you need to make your business more efficient and profitable. Due to the recent advances in technology, temperature, humidity, light, and motion detector are all readily available to businesses at an affordable cost. We can handle everything from customer home sensor systems to warehouses to agricultural and environmental systems.

Beacon Management

Automate and Configure your Beacon Location System

Whether your business is a restaurant, gift shop, museum with location beacons for exhibit information, or a school requiring a navigation system for the blind we have you covered.

NeeerMe is an easy to set up and maintain landing page for your beacon web pages. We handle the secure hosting environment with your graphics and links to your home page. Contact us for details and see how easy it can be!